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Power flushing for efficient heating systems

For a more efficient, hotter and quieter heating system.

As your heating system ages, it will naturally build up some debris from corrosion inside the pipes. This should be flushed out to enable your boiler to work more efficiently. Power flushing moves water through the system at high speeds to move this debris to a point where it can be discharged. Your heating system will then be able to operate more efficiently, lowering heating bills and also avoiding possible damage in the future.

Power flushing generally only needs to be carried out around every 5 years, however if you're unsure, speak to our team at R J Harris Heating And Plumbing for advice and more information. We're located in Bicester and serve clients form the surrounding areas including Banbury and Oxford.

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What does power flushing do?

Call on our qualified experts for advice

• Reduces cold spots

• Lowers heating bills

• Removes debris from pipes

• Reduces the risk of breakdowns

You should only get your heating system flushed by a qualified engineer, and as Gas Safe and Viessmann registered experts, you can rely on R J Harris Plumbing And Heating in Bicester. There is no danger of damage to your heating system with power flushing, and you'll get a more efficient running boiler.

Landlord safely certificates

Gas Safe Registered engineers at your service

Are you a landlord with several properties? If so, it is your responsibility to ensure your tenants have a safe gas boiler, and you need regular landlord safety certification. We can check and certificate your heating system to ensure you are fully covered along with carrying out any repairs and maintenance services such as power flushing.

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Get your heating system working efficiently with power flushing. 
Call R J Harris Plumbing And Heating in Bicester on:
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